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Dec 18, 2017Vancouver firefighters to ignite females’ firefighting passion

Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services joins Coast Guard and Navy in announcing new Operation: This IS You! hands-on experience events for BC girls and women

Applications are now open for new Operation: This is You! events to be held in early 2018. New agency partner Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services (VFRS) will offer select females first-hand experience of a day in the life of a firefighter.

Activities include: hazardous materials decontamination, auto extrication, live fire demonstration, technical rescue with rappel from a burn tower and a heavy urban search and rescue drill. Lunch will be provided by VFRS. For more information, or to apply visit

The firefighting event is one of a series of hands-on experience events organized by the Achieve Anything Foundation. The free events are being hosted by VFRS, Canadian Coast Guard, Royal Canadian Navy and other agency partners keen on improving gender diversity within their organizations and promoting opportunities for women in what many still perceive as “non-traditional” fields.